Earlier today a car parked in the lot across the street’s alarm started going off. And hasn’t stopped since. I wrote him or her a little note, went to go put it on the windshield and found four others from neighbors. I’m pretty sure someone is just going to set it on fire soon. I may be going insane.

Every time it stops for a moment I think maybe it’s done and its horrid owner has returned, then no. The awful continues on.


Winterfell & The Eyrie sketch for the series title sequence  (©)

I’ve been catching up on all my nerdiness the last few days.  Is it Sunday yet?

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up, up and away

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Sometimes I think men just make up these statistics.  

"Babe, it’s like a super food." 

Emma Webster - Dori Varga Collection


A few months back I had a chance to meet someone interesting in person in San Diego. Emma Webster, the painter, was just visiting family though; she currently lives in Oakland – one of America’s most creative playgrounds for emerging artists…

Emma’s current series focuses on this never-ending war covered in glitter: the relationship with the sister, the companion, the enemy, the best friend, the closest but furthest person. She’s trying to understand if it’s possible to recreate innocence, while understanding what growing apart means, why it happens, and what a strange thing it really is. She’s doing this through pieces where she uses the Spice Girls for example as a jumping point of superimposing memories – who were idols that felt like best friends to Emma, her sister, and every single one of us, who grew up following the church of ‘Girl Power’. 

Emma Webster is such an intelligent and generally aware lady, that we can all call her, without a doubt, a modern philosopher. This is her story, her thoughts, her perception on how to become free.

LINK ::  http://dorivarga.com/Emma-Webster

This is my version of hell.

Fuzipop Lets Children Party In NYC - Business Insider

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Lydia Shirreff

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Details of Esther Traugot’s work in #NaturalAlchemy #art #oakland #sculpture #craft #crochet #seeds #trees #gilded #arboretum #delicate (at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary)

Snack time. #koi #fish (at Robert Sinskey Vineyards)

Kay Nielsen

(there’s something super, secret Targ about the way he draws men)

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Adrienne Heloise

homoerotic cut paper pieces based on Napoleonic war painting details

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Kay Nielsen