Raye Boyce by An Dukes.

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“By covering the surface of an object with transparent glass beads, the existence of the object itself is replaced by ‘a husk of light’, and the new vision ‘the cell of an image’ is shown.”—Kohei Nawa

I saw these years ago and fell in love.  Glad they’re doing well. 


In surreal news, a Japanese artist launched a Bonsai Tree and a bouquet of flowers into space. 

Take a look at the incredible, extraterrestrial images

plants, in spaaaaaaaaaaace


Olivia Jeffries aka restlessthings on Etsy

Happy birthday to my #favoritehuman @mindyjmorse We’re officially old, but at least we’re old together. #friends5evr


the flick

Another one of the rad artists participating in Baycation.



Tent Maneuvers

can piece for ‘Going Native’ on view through July 27th at Campfire Gallery.   Showing alongside the talented Daryll Peirce and Larissa Grant… 

Super excited for an event Oakland Art Murmur is doing on August 2nd at Classic Cars West in Oakland with Max, John Casey, Crystal Morey and Jon Carling.  


Kristin Richards, “drywall 001” (2014)

drywall tape, lumber crayon and roofing paper on drywall panel

24 x 24

Onward faithful steed! #adventuresofMeeraandAbbey #dogsondogs #allidoistakepicturesofmydog #puppy #labrador #rescuemutt


Irving Ramsey Wiles, The Sonata (detail)


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We are adults. Who color at restaurants.