fact: there is a large box of my little ponies somewhere in my parents house from my childhood. 

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Fact: I love blasting this and doing ridiculous dances in my house. 

he had it coming.

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Fact: The Birdcage is one of my favorite movies of all time. 


I often do an eclectic celebration of events.

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Happy Birthday Boch!  Fact: Bruce Bochy has been my home town baseball coach my entire life.  

Real Talk.

Men in well fitted suits and/or button downs and/or cardigans, just do it for me.  There is something terribly irresistible about a handsome, well dressed man.  Swoon.  

Fact: I love jamon iberico, uncontrollably and unconditionally.  Spanish cuisine is most definitely lacking in many ways, but sweet jesus do they know how to do cured ham and jamon iberico is their masterpiece.  What makes jamon iberico so insanely delicious you say?  There is a magical land in the south of Spain where there are majestic black Iberian pigs that feast on nothing but acorns all their life, thus creating the beauty that is jamon iberico.  Iberico is ridiculously expensive in the the states and as such, difficult to find.  Lo and behold Contigo has an iberico plate.  So naturally we went over to Noe Valley last night for dinner and it was unbelievably good.  They have put an impeccable California spin on Spanish cuisine.  Contigo is most definitely among my top favorite restaurants now.  Oh and the churros, oh my stars the churros.  The only thing keeping Contigo from being truly Spanish is the lack of indoor smoking. 

Long story short, I’m in love with jamon iberico and Contigo. 

Tea, writing a few things for a BBDO application, listening to Em’s letters for Goodby.

Fact: Most of my rings, many of which I inherited, only fit on my ring fingers.   

I really wish my terrariums didn’t die so quickly.

Fact: I kill plants almost instantaneously.  


Do it yourself Moss Terrariums 

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One of my favorite music videos.  Fauxnique is fabulous. 

Fact: When I was a little girl, I would tell my mom that I wanted to be a drag queen when I grew up. 


Silencefiction - Lipstique (featuring Fauxnique) (by kiakima)

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Fact: Peonies are my favorite flowers. 


Friday Flowers!

Slow Wednesday

Gave a morning gallery tour.  I want to live in Jim Campbell’s work.  (No but really.)  Wearing my hunt blazer everyday makes me feel like a little kid that won’t let go of their blankie/favorite boots/etc, but in all seriousness, this jacket is perfect.  Perfect I tell you!  One of my best friends in the entire world is moving into my guest room this evening.  (Insert happy dance.)  Found a new TV obsession.  

Fact: I love smart art historical references in fashion. 


“États de Grâce”. Gisele Bündchen photographed by Nick Knight for Vogue Paris, December 2006

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Once a horse girl, always a horse girl. Fact: I rode hunter/jumper for 12 years. 

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Fact: ranunculus are my second favorite flower.